what does she see?

in reality, of course, she sees nothing

so what do I imagine she sees

perhaps an acquaintance, a park bench to sit on, the rain beginning to fall

or perhaps she has escaped the moment into the realms of her own mind

to “see” her home, her garden  or what she plans to cook for dinner

she sees whatever we want her to see…

what does she see


it was fascinating to read my note to self from over a year ago

“nose should be larger, nostril should be more to the left, lips should also be more to the left”

I never redrew her, I never will…today I looked at her enlarged and while there is much I would do different IF creating her again…I like her eyes and mouth the way they are

and that is what I see 🙂

© 2013 OOMMI

7 thoughts on “what does she see?

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