“Little Italy”

Cleveland, Ohio

summer 1957


she was 15

 in the BIG city

rural south red clay still clung to her shoes 

from Terminal Tower she could look down at the Cuyahoga River

shades of orange and brown*, moving moodily below

everywhere there was trash in the streets

she stayed in an upstairs apartment, over a bar

across the courtyard was a second story porch

where three young, extremely friendly,adult sisters lived their lives

 occasionally an older mother/father voice could be heard

(when Italian was being passionately shouted)

on the radio, Billy Williams sang

“I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”

she was 15

life was banging on the door

* * * * *

*at that time the Cuyahoga was polluted

the “Little Italy” of 2013 is quite different from the “Little Italy” of 1957

© OOMMI 2013

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