she’s a…

star :)

my youngest granddaughter’s school had a talent show last night

“Woodlawn’s Got Talent”

and while I’m totally biased (because, of course, all the kids are stars) the g’daughter is my





front row, yellow shirt, lots of personality, puts her heart and soul into it…gotta love her


SUPER STARS sometimes come in small packages


Happy Saturday coming up!!

backyard at the…

homestead :)DSCN0273backyard



we had a nice little rain…so it smelled wonderfully woodsy in the backyard when I took these.  I recently purchased the Gerbera Daisy and some Purslane (just learned from Wikipedia that people around the world eat purslane, how cool is that, I’ll have to give it a try).  I have them both growing in pots in my “grow cart.”

  can’t remember if I told you about my cart…or wagon if you will…my son and DIL gave it to me for Christmas.  my DIL asked me what I wanted for the occasion and I said a plastic wagon…something I could put flower pots in and move around in the yard to follow the sun.  they gave me what I asked for and it works wonderfully…no more having to move pots around the yard all day long.

in case I haven’t mentioned it recently, I have a huge live oak tree in the back yard…which means 365 days of the year I have very little sun, which is fine because I love my tree.  only problem is that most things that grow, like flowers and vegetables, need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.  I did have good success with the lettuces I grew during the winter, but then they don’t mind the shade.

hope you’re having a pleasant Tuesday :)

“A beach…

is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.”

Henry Grunwald


beach umbrellas




a line in the sand

* * * * *

and my bit for celebrating National Poetry Month

a sandy haiku…just for you :)


and that’s as good as it’s going to get :)

…Happy Sunday…

a chapeau…

by any other name is a…hat :)

over the years I’ve not considered hats my friend, I mean hat hair is the worst,              don’t you agree?  and sweaty hat hair doesn’t bear mentioning…

however, they are rather fun :)


as you can tell I’ve had the hat above for years…the straw is deteriorating…just as I am :)


a newer hat…one I decorated to wear to the local PurpleStride event, raising funds for Pancreatic Cancer research (in memory of my DILs sister)


oh my gosh how old is this photo, taken by my Dad, when I was a teenager, in a blue toned two piece dress with a blue “plate” on my head :)  behind me is the huge crab apple tree that was in our front yard…the tree is gone and the yard no longer belongs in the family…and life goes on and hats are still worn

Happy Saturday :)


in black and white


at the vet


office building


my eye when I lived in the apartment :)

over the years all of these have been on one or the other of my blogs, since I like reflections and black and white photos I decided to share them again

* * * * *

every now and then I wonder what it would have been like when a sentient being first realized that what they were seeing in a reflection was themselves…many perhaps would have been fearful, but there would have been those whose curiosity outweighed the fear.

“Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.”

Linus Carl Pauling

Happy Thursday :)



(also spelled hodgepodge and/or hodge-podge),

a “confused mixture” no matter how it’s spelled :)


love that green sky :)


my all time favorite motorcyclist photo, check out those pink tassels on his helmet, the most interesting thing about this photo though is that I’ve discovered how to edit with “depth of field” :)


Gerbera Daisies are a favorite :)


puppy Baron sharing the bed with Poppa Don, this photo was hidden away amongst the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of Baron :)


I checked my “library” of stuff stored on WordPress, I didn’t see this OOMMI included so hope it’s new to everyone :)  It is rather unique since most of my doodles similar to this are bald and have no chest and shoulders :)

thank you for perusing my hodge-podge…

Happy Wednesday :)

soul-searching is (sometimes)…

for the birds :)

or maybe not, would I really release my mind’s craziness on this poor bird…


I mean, after all, he sang my family such a pretty melody as they searched for Easter eggs :)

And this is what started all this drama…

As I sat at the dinner table on Sunday, surrounded by my family, related and otherwise…a question was asked me by a young person who had just told me they had almost completed 4 years at university (then their plan was to continue their education journey by studying for a masters degree).

The question asked me, “Did you go to college?”

the answer is/was…I finished high school (which for me was a miracle, since I’d decided to make high school my career, until all my friends started graduating) and went for a year and half to Community College to take courses in Human Development to enhance my chances for employment at a state facility which trained children and adults with mental and physical challenges.

That I had received no degree definitely did not impress the young person previously mentioned, however, the fact that I worked with persons with mental and physical challenges did.

The young person also was not overly impressed by ALL the different jobs I’ve held over my lifetime…or because higher math leaves me feeling like I’m swimming in a sea of sticky goo or my memory has been CRAP since I was born.  OR that I’d never had a real CAREER.

Around that time, in the conversation, I would gladly have changed places with the bird and flown away.

Hence I have wended me tortuous way to SOUL SEARCHING…why you may ask since I learned early (as a child) not to get involved with my relatives in any conversation that had intelligence (or the lack there of) at the core of it.

Alas, I’ve grown old and my defenses were down and now I’m finding soul searching to be a complete waste of my time…after all it will change nothing…least of all me :)

Have I learned anything…probably not, except that the ART of small talk will always and forever elude me :)

* * * * *

In closing and to enlighten you and perhaps entertain you, these are the jobs I held during my non-career:

Floor Clerk, Office Clerk, Operating Room Technician, Accounts Receivable Clerk/Relief PBX Operator, SAHM for 8 years, Veterinary Aide, Developmental Aide, Secretarial Pool, Mental Health Aide, Accounts Receivable Clerk/Secretary, Janitor, Front Desk Receptionist, Registered Certified Nursing Assistant, Wait Person/Bus Boy, Temporary Office Worker, Caregiver.

I worked off and on for 49 years, in 4 states.

It was my privilege, during my last job, to be the caregiver for my husband.


this is the month…

I’m apparently going to miss all birthdays and anniversaries :)

April the 2nd (or is it the 4th) is Baron’s birthday…I’ve looked up the paperwork before and still can’t remember which day it is.  Doesn’t really matter because I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday to him either day :(  Poor Baron he leads a dogs life he does!!!


My favorite shot of Baron von Spitfire :)

I also missed the 2 year anniversary for this blog, April 3 2013-2015…I’m surprised as you are that I’m still here.  But I’ve paid up for the “” URL so I’m good for another year.

A “snipped” copy of my very first WordPress/OOMMI post:


And this was my header:


Coming up next is my oldest granddaughter’s birthday the end of April…will I remember or won’t I?  I’m certainly not not going to make a bet either way :D