All Hallow’s Eve…

is coming…soon


“I see you,” says the pumpkin


“hiss, hiss, snarl,” says the black cat

halloween3“spooky fun, ” says ghosts and scarecrow and pumpkin :)

went to the annual family Halloween party yesterday

DSCN9664tlcso what can you expect…I ate delicious homemade Halloween candy

pretzels dipped in chocolate with some kind of mint candy and M & Ms for eyes :)

looked like skulls, tasted yummy :)

I LOVE Halloween !!!


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Post Script:  this is my 200th post on this blog…woohoo

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Halloween is near…

 and there is much to fear :)



I have more Halloween inspired doodles…it’s just a matter of getting them scanned!

so for the time being…photos will have to do


Le Chat !!

pumpkin carved by son Jim for his family


pumpkins for the kids to decorate


and more pumpkins that have been decorated


I’m a big kid (I kid you not) so this is the one I decorated

the eyes wouldn’t stick to the “pumpkin” so I attached mine with bats, hey hey!!

uh oh I think the ghosts and goblins are coming to get me


is that the men in the white suits with a strait jacket?



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one of my favorite desserts, second only to (Breyer’s) vanilla ice cream  :)

artseventeen2014edited71stbirthdaycheesecakeremember…this was my birthday celebration in 2013…and yes that’s cheesecake with a candle stuck in it :)  not sure why the grandson is covering his ears :D maybe he thought it was going to blow up :)

third on the list would have to be warm, homemade, apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting into it :)

Don loved my homemade apple pie…only with cheddar cheese on top…oh how I miss that man!

I’m salivating…but then I haven’t had breakfast…and I rarely eat dessert now (well, except for the vanilla ice cream)…so I’m reduced to “doodling” my dessert, which is fun too in a tactile/visual sort of way!

Enjoy your day,

Theanne of OOMMI :)

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I spy…

something with my little eye :)


Somewhere, during my marathon viewing of Netflix this summer, this image presented itself to me.  It was there and gone in a micro-second.  But it brought back vivid memories of the movie “Psycho”!!!  (Original, 1960’s version, in black and white, with Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, more info. here.)

Interesting how much drama can be obtained from the simple behavior of placing one’s eye at a tiny opening.  Certainly a covert action, the “eye” wants to watch but not be seen.  It also places the “eye” in an extremely vulnerable position.  I was intrigued by the implications of this act and felt compelled to draw my version.

I leave you to think about it…

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as promised…

months ago…or was that years ago…a 100%, genuine, created by moi…Out Of My Mind Image.  Hopefully the excitement won’t cause you a mischief :) :) :)


I’ve given up naming the humans I doodle…I won’t remember anyway…so call her whatever inspires you.

Finally, I’m almost to the end of these old, lined notebooks I’ve been using (in an effort to be frugal and save a tree), while my millionaire side craves a moleskine I will no doubt continue with cheaper lined or unlined notebooks.


Out Of My Mind Images (oh my!!!)

PS…be still my heart, there are more to come :)

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on being negligent…

Having neglected this blog for months on end, I decided that perhaps it was time to delete it.  To abdicate from my responsibility, to ride blithely into the sunset.


that’s easier said than done.

 Apparently because I bought and paid for a “bespoke” domain name I am now tied, with bonds of steel, to WordPress for all eternity.  All because I chose not to accept the default web address.


So I sit here moaning and whining because I can’t just press the delete button and disappear.

Is this then poetic justice?

Does anyone really want to know how many blogs I’ve created and left.  If asked I would say, “I don’t remember.”  I created my first website in 1998 on AOL.  I created my first blog in 2009, somewhere on the internet, I don’t remember where.  A lot of creating can go on over eleven years.

I created…because that’s what I love to do…create!

Maintain…now that is another matter all together.

If I remain, I must maintain…maintaining is difficult.  Maintaining requires self-discipline.  Someone once told me I had no self-discipline (yes I remember who, but refuse to share) :)

And it takes time…my time…which in the general scheme of things is becoming less and less as the years go by…

uh oh, do I hear someone out there yelling,

just hit the darn delete button and get on with it

well then, but not today, today my WordPress blog receives a reprieve


my domain name is paid for until March 2015


so I remain

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grandkid sitting this summer…

How many years has it been since I had this much responsibility for a child?  I figure about 32 years :D  I’m way out of practice!

I haven’t forgotten you…and I still have bunches of doodles to scan so I can post them, however, for the time being, a few photos will be turning up here :)

DSCN9334schoolpicnictablepicnic table at the g’kid’s school


I thought this looked like a city street map…also a picnic table at g’kid’s school


something pretty at the g’kid’s school

taking photos is what I do while I’m waiting to pick her up at summer school camp…it passes the time and sometimes I find something really interesting

happy summer to one and all,


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kindle doodling…



crazy quilts are my favorite, however, I enjoy creating geometric quilt designs

my fascination with woven fabric has been ongoing for decades, I once even considered buying a large loom (I met Don instead)

eyes of course are the “windows to the soul,” so I must constantly draw them

apples, my first still life studies in art class used these (no nudes)


faces are definitely a “thing” with me, been drawing them for about 67 years

Sketch3122443catchingorlosingwhen I first doodled this I saw it as someone losing love

today I looked at it and still saw that possibility, I also saw the possibility that it was someone reaching for love, that love was distant but coming within their grasp

there’re more doodles to come, still scanning

happy Monday,


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mix it up…

cityscape001I love this kind of watercolor…splash on some paint and then create something out of what you’ve done :)  When I do this again I’ll try to remember to splash a little of the building color into the water to get a suggestion of reflection.


curly girl…I thought a bit Bette Midlerish


I did this on the computer (after Memorial Day), meant to be sort of a homey scene, a place where someone has eaten almost all the fruit…but left one piece to tantalize the next person.  Perhaps a toast was made in remembrance of the loved one in the portrait, the glass long since washed and on the drain board.  The dog tags gotten out, old memories remembered, then left to be put away another day.  The veteran’s face left featureless so that the viewer could supply any face they wished.

Simple but I find profound!

enjoy your weekend,


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